CIO-CS Contract Category Details

Chief Information Officers-Commodities and Solutions (CIO-CS)
Contract # HHSN316201500054W

NITAAC’s CIO-CS contract vehicle allows you to quickly and easily acquire IT commodity products and commodity-enabling solutions, on-site or in the cloud.

Category 1: End User Hardware Commodities

This category includes but is not limited to; Laptops, Desktops, Computer Accessories, All In One Devices, Tablets, Printers, Microphones, Intercoms, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), AV Devices, Headsets and Fax Machines.

Category 2: End User Software Commodities

This category includes but is not limited to; Operating Systems, Unified Communications, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Web Conferencing Tools, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tools, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Tools, Mathematical Analysis Software, BI and Data Warehousing Tools, Assistive Technology Tools, Data Analytics and Visualization Tools, Media Sanitation Tools, Web Content Management Tools, Application Security Testing Software, Real Time Location Software, Instant Messaging, Email Tools, Patch Management Tools, Thin Client Remote Access Solutions, Portfolio Management Tools, Project Management Tools, Data Management Tools, Office Productivity Tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools.

Category 3: IT Security Software Commodities

This category includes but is not limited to; Anti-Virus Software, Biometric Identification Software, Authentication and Authorization Software, Public Key Infrastructure, Forensic Analysis Tools, Encryption Tools, HIPAA Assessment Software, Patient Identification Software, Network and Host Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software, Vulnerability Scanning Assessment and Management Software, Remote Devise Management Software, Security Information Event Management Tools, Log Management Tools, Enterprise Network Firewalls, Data Loss Prevention Software, Security Analytics, Vulnerability Assessment Software and Continuous Monitoring Software.

Category 4: Enterprise Wide Software Commodities

Software, Enterprise Performance Management Tools, Enterprise Search Tools, Application Performance Management Tools, Client Management Tools, DNS DHCP and IP Address Management Tools, Virtualization Technologies, Change Management Tools, Archiving Tools, Software Delivery Platforms and Compilers, Integrated Development Environments, Asset Management Software and Service Level Management Tools.

Category 5: Health and Biomedical Research IT Commodities

This category includes but is not limited to; Terminology Management Tools, Natural Language Processing Tools, Decision Support Tools (includes – Patient Tracking, Claims Management, Chart Management and Patient/Physician Portals), Clinical Documentation Systems, Information Systems and Knowledge Bases, Laboratory Information Systems, Document Management, imaging and Medical Record Imaging Tools, Bioinformatics Software, e-Proscribing Tools, Point of Care Information Systems, Clinical Data Repositories, Registries and Trial Tools, Vocabulary Management Tools, Genetic Sequencers, Patient Registration Tools, Voice Recognition Devices, Dictionaries and Voice Information Processing Tools, Biological Analysis Tools, Flow Cyclometer Analysis Tools, Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) Tools and Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Tools.

Category 6: On-Premise Infrastructure

This category includes but is not limited to; Blade Servers, Network Switches, Data Center Temperature and Humidity Controls Hardware, Physical Access Control, Alert and Signaling Devices, General Security Hardware, Anti-theft Devices, Network Access Control Hardware, Data Center Power Distribution, Server and Storage Performance Management Tools, Enterprise Power Management Tools, Data Center Racks, Real Time Location Hardware, Wired and Wireless Networking Tools, Data Center Water Damage Protection Hardware, Physical Access Monitoring and Enterprise Storage.

Category 7: Infrastructure and Platform as a Service

This category includes but is not limited to; Computing, Enterprise Storage, Operating System, Lifecycle Management Tools, Integrated Development Environment and Application Lifecycle Management Tools.

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